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The first step is to determine which structures are not performing their functions properly. In identifying the source of the problem, we can better ensure complete recuperation and long-term effects of treatment.


An extensive analysis allows, among other things, to identify the biomechanical imbalances that could, with time, force the body to develop compensation systems (in the musculature, for example).

Concept   //

The concept relies on a combination of various treatments provided by health professionals.


The first stage of treatment is to determine which structures are not performing their functions correctly. It is up to us to find the weak link in the chain in order to ensure a full and lasting recovery.

Objectives of Treatment   //

1. You help to recover from your injuries as quickly as possible


2. Ensure that corrections made will last as long as possible


3.  To make you realize the importance of respecting recommendations on how to remain in the best of health and to take advantage of all of your abilities

Working on Structure and Massages   //


Any physical trauma requires work on physical structure, which is particularly important for blows to the head, neck, or jaw. The job is to treat the musculature (fasteners, tension and stretching receptors, spasms, adhesions, etc.), bone structure (twists), joints (aberrant movements, locked joints, loss of range of motion, etc.), as well as to evaluate the circumstances under which the biomechanical disturbances occur in order to avoid the recurrence of a given problem (repetitive movement, working under force, working when stretching, lying, sitting, standing, etc.).


As it is the nervous system that allows voluntary movements and maintains the harmony between different parts of the body, we take systematic account of neurological factors in the evaluation of each patient's condition.


Deep tissue massages are almost always part of the treatment, as adhesions (rows of normally separated tissues) can quickly develop in injured structures or those which compensate. In addition, massage allows for a rapid recuperation and produces an effect of relaxation greatly appreciated by the patients. 



Additional Services   //


Various health professionals may be involved in the treatments: kinesiologists and specialists in trainings, nutrition, and psychology.

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