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Want to discover the full potential of your abilities? At ATHLETE F1RST, we understand your need to surpass yourself and to keep on form. This is why we work with health experts – to help you get there.


Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiology, Active Release Technique

François Chaput, D.C. | Doctor of Chiropractic

Graduate of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Dr. Chaput continues to deepen his knowledge of health. Through to training in neurology and applied kinesiology, as well as numerous collaborations with various chiropractic neurologists, Dr. Chaput has developed a therapeutic protocol for head injuries and concussions.


During each visit, Dr. Chaput evaluates the mechanical, biomedical, neurological, and emotional components to restore the functions of the body and help the patient regain his balance.


As he himself was an athlete, Dr. Chaput understands the needs of patients who want to regain their form and full potential. He therefore takes account of both a patient's physical and emotional needs in order to provide better support.

Collaborators   //

RECAST PERFORMANCE | Individual training

BEN MORIN | Individual training

ASPORTEK | Fitness center

Pierre Allard | Strength and conditioning coach

Jean-François Trépanier | Psychologist

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