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ATLETE F1RST is on a mission to treat athletes at both amateur and professional levels, regardless of their sport. However, "non-athletes" can also benefit from our care.


We can treat CONCUSSIONS, sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, bursitis, capsulitis, pulled muscles, back injuries, and much more.



What counts at ATHLETE F1RST is the result. There is no question, then, of subscription. 


Concussions   //

Blows to the head can have a number of different consequences. Some seek solutions in capsules or manual therapy. Others end up in the office of a psychologist, trying to deal with the fear of another blow to the head or that they will no longer be able to perform to their fullest abilities.
















The most prevalent motto in cases like these: REST. While rest certainly helps avoids the aggravation of certain symptoms and perhaps allows for a gradual adjustment, it offers no guarantee of success. 


At ATHLETE F1RST, we offer a solution that takes into account the mechanical, biochemical, neurological, and emotional consequences of a concussion or blow to the head.


Our moto is : ACTION.


An ppropriate treatment within two to three weeks after the trauma greatly increases the chances of a rapid recovery. Each blow to the head is unique and there is no single therapy. That is why it is important to rely on qualified professionals.

Sprains  //

A sprain is a temporary separation of two articular surfaces. For ATHLETE F1RST, it is essential to treat a sprain as soon as possible. Treatment can be started the third day after the injury*. The sooner the treatment is begun, the faster recovery will take place.


The first step in the treatment is to correct the injured joint and to ensure proper functioning of the structures attached to it.


The second step is to treat the deep muscles and eliminate the inflammation of the injured tissues.


* It is advisable to consult with your doctor first to make sure there is no facture or significant ligament tear.


Strains and Muscle Tears   //

A muscle strain is a tearing of muscle fibers that usually occurs during intense physical exercise or after a severe muscle cramp.


Immediately after the tear, inflammation appears and repair of muscle tissue begins.

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